With the introduction of the DF360, MGI combines 30 years of digital printing and finishing experience in order to produce the most efficient all-in-one unit on the market.

Unlike other offline, multi-function machines currently available, the DF360 includes lamination along with the other standard features (cutting, slitting, creasing and scoring). For applications such as postcards, business cards, menus and photo books, this streamlines the finishing process, reducing the number of steps needed and expediting turnaround time.

The DF360 is the perfect complement to any workflow, digital or offset. In combination with digital presses, the DF360 allows true print-on-demand applications to be combined with all-in-one finishing, resulting in a quick delivery to the customer. The expanded sheet size (up to 14 x 29” / 360 x 740 mm) accommodates longer sheet lengths (offset prints or from digital devices such as MGI’s Meteor DP60 Pro/DP8700 XL), ideal for panoramic photos, book covers with flaps, signage, quad-fold brochures, pull-out maps and other applications.

Combining 5 traditionally offline features in one machine also allows print professionals the maximum flexibility and creativity in choosing finishing options. Operators can choose one of the preset profiles or create their own on-the-fly with a minimum of mechanical intervention.
Paper Finishing
ProductivityUp to 20 A4 pages/mn & 5,200 cards/h (54x85 mm format)
Paper inputType: air feed system (suction)
Capacity: 3000 sheets (60 cm / 23.5” paper pile)
Format min.: 100 x 200 mm / 3.9” x 7.9” (V) x (H)
Format max.: 360 x 740 mm / 14.2” x 29” (V) x (H)
Weight: 135-350 g/m² / 50 lb to 130 lb cover
Thickness: up to 400 microns (without lamination)
up to 320 microns (with lamination)
Double feed detection system
Registration TableType: offset with 24 adjustable guidance balls
Adjustment: automatic via user templates
OutputFormat min.: 50 x 80 mm / 1.97” x 3.15”
Format max.: 360 x 740 mm / 14.2” x 29”
Standard configuration: 100 sheet capacity (tray) or jogging table
LaminationThermo-controlled rollers
Film options: matte, satin or gloss
Film thickness: 35 to 80 microns
Number of rolls: 2 - 300 m/ 1,000 ft each
Roll width: 330 mm / 13”
Settings: automatically controlled via user templates
Able to be enabled/disabled at any time
CuttingDirections: Horizontal (H) and vertical (V)
Number of tools: 2 H, 1 V
Types: rotary blades (H) & guillotine (V)
Programmable by step of 0.1 mm / 0.004”
Number of cuts per sheet: up to 16**
Maintenance: none required, self-sharpening tools
SlittingDirections: Horizontal (H) and vertical (V)
Number of tools: 2 H, 1 V
Types: rotary blades (H) & guillotine (V)
Programmable by step of 0.1 mm / 0.004”
Number of cuts per sheet: up to 16**
Maintenance: none required, self-sharpening tools
CreasingDirections: horizontal (H) and vertical (V)
Number of tools: 1 H & 1 V
Types: rotary blade (H) guillotine (V)
Programmable by step of 0.1 mm / 0.004”
Number of creases per sheet: up to 16*
Repeatability: up to 9 creases in the same position
Modes: simple or automatic offset
Flexy Tools ModuleDirection: horizontal (H)
Type: rotary blades
Max. number of blades: 3
Standard configuration: 1 crease, 1 cut & 1 perforation
Setting: Manual
Space between blades: 32 mm / 1.26”
Digital PilotTouch-screen interface (5.7” display)
Modes “assisted” (via design templates) and “expert” (free-form)
Up to 999 preset user templates
Tool management & technical modes (manual tool manipulation)
Electrical Requirements220-240V (2 phase 16A, 3.7 kW each + 1 phase 8A 0.3 kW)
Dimensions & Weight327 x 81 x 137 cm / 9.8’x 2.6’x 4.5’ L x W x H
480 kg / 1,058 lbs
Weight480 kg / 1,058 lbs
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 10°C to 30°C - optimal 18°C to 25°C
Temperature: 50°F to 86°F - optimal 64°F to 77°F
Relative Humidity level: 30 to 70% - optimal 40 to 60% RH
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Product Advantages

Paper Handling & Speed

The DF360 can handle sheets ranging from 100 to 360 mm / 3.9” to 14.2” in width and from 200 to 740 mm / 7.9” to 29” in length. It accepts paper weights from 135 to 350 gr/m² / 50 to 130 lb cover.

The high capacity feeder features an air feed system and can accommodate approximately 3,000 sheets. MGI’s exclusive offset feeder table ensures a flat paper path and optimum sheet registration.

Finished products can be as small as 50 to 360 mm / 1.9”to 14.2” in width and from 80 to 740 mm / 3.15” to 29” in length (from business cards to book covers).


The only solution of its kind on the market, the DF360 laminates in addition in-line cutting, creasing, scoring and perforation. Double-sided lamination helps protect your jobs while providing a premium finish (available in matte, satin or glossy). Jobs can even be laminated using two different finishes (ie. matte on one side and satin on the other). This feature is ideal for photos, book covers, post cards and menus, among others. All features are 100% digital and automatically operated.


With digitally controlled tools, users can program up to 16 horizontal and vertical cutting actions (in steps of 0.5 mm). Tools are self-sharpening and require no manual operator intervention. Settings for each sheet can be stored in a digital library for future use.


For applications such as business cards and other documents with a bleed, the slitting function (horizontal) ensures speed and precision by trimming the document in a single motion, perfect for documents with bleeds and/or gutters.

Creasing (Simple & Graduated)

For brochures and invitations, a precise crease is necessary for a professional finish. The DF360 can perform up to 16 creasing (in steps of 0.5 mm) per sheet, plus can be stored in the template library for future use. For applications such as photo books, automatic graduated creasing allows pages to lie flat.

User Interface

The DF360’s pilot operates via a user-friendly touch screen interface. All templates are accessible via graphic menus - for each document produced, the finishing operations can be stored as a user template for future use. All functions are easily performed by a standard operator.

Flexy tools

The DF360 comes with a unique Flexy tools module, allowing the user to add custom tools (up to 3 manual functions).

The three types of blades can be installed in many possible combinations (maximum of 3 blades simultaneously) . Flexy tools operate on the entire width of the DF360 (up to 360 mm/ 14.2”) and provide many additional custom finishing options.

Product Applications

Book Covers (XL Format)

(click on the icon to zoom out)

MGI provides a range of printing and value-added finishing options for book covers on a range of substrates, including paper and canvas.


Brochure & tri-fold

Whether it's a simple duplex page or tri-fold (up to 1200 mm/47" long) document, MGI's Digital Presses can produce a wide range of creative and attractive brochures.


Business Cards

Produce beautiful 4-color business cards (in the shortest of runs), and finish spot UV coating or hot foil stamping and embossing...MGI has a solution for you.



Whether it's a simple desktop calendar or an eye-catching 1200 mm / 47" banner, MGI has a solution for every calendar application.



Whether you're printing a short run of folders on a 1200 mm / 47 inch sheet or spot UV coating a finished product, MGI has a digital solution for you.


Invitations/Greeting Cards

A wide range of options, from elegant invitations to photo greeting cards, sports trading cards, baby announcements and many more.



Print on paper or onto synthetics such as Yupo or polyester for additional durability.



MGI's digital printing and finishing solutions offer a wide range of options for custom photo products, such as photobooks. Take an active part in the 25 million of photobooks that will be produced in 2013.


Personalized Direct Mail

Utilize full variable data capabilities on a range of personalized, targeted applications, such as direct mail. Variable information such as text, barcodes, graphics can be customized to each individual member of your audience, resulting in higher response rates and better ROI.



Postcards, photo cards, personalized direct mail campaigns...the only limit is your imagination!



The Meteor series of Digital Presses combined with the Digital Finisher are the ideal printing and finishing solutions for many applications, such as tickets.

The power of the digital press allows you to add any VDP such as numbering, barcode, etc.

Product Awards

Worth-a-Look, GRAPH EXPO 2010

Worth-a-Look for Niche Markets
Some products and services being exhibited at Graph Expo 2010 do not have as wide an application or broad impact on the industry as the Must See ‘ems, but are nevertheless especially important for niche markets or selected groups of printers or converters.