Open the doors to digital embossing and hot foil stamping with your JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL solution.

Through a revolutionary digital process, the iFOIL eliminates the need for films, dies and makeready, allowing you to produce hot foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets with both very high profitability and ease of use.
From magazine covers, books, brochures, labels, to invitations and packaging, offer new services and exceptional benefits to your customers.

Spectacular and unique effects are now available within a 100% digital process:
- embossing and debossing
- multiple colored foils applied in one pass (up to 3 colors)
- variable data printing (VDP) on Hot Foil Stamping and/or Spot UV Coating (text or image)
- foil on foil
- exclusive capability to foil and emboss on plastic including on Polypropylene (PP)

Exploiting both visual and tactile excitement that the JETvarnish 3D and iFOIL brings, not only will you now be able to finally bring Hot Foil Stamping in house, but you will be able to do it with virtually no set up and high speeds but also the possibility to offer a new never before seen finish; the personalization of embossed hot foil.
Easy to use, iFOIL works in-line with the JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater. A software suite allows you to easily understand and modify layouts, with sizes ranging from A4 format to 52x120cm and on paper substrates ranging from 150 to 600 microns. iFOIL uses standard market foils.

It is possible to make hot stamping with iFOIL from printing done on offset and digital presses including Meteor Digital Press Series.
Digital Embossing and Hot Foil Stamping
Production SpeedUp to 1700* B2 sheet size per hour (or 25m/min)

* speed will vary according to printing parameter used
FormatsMinimum :
21 x 30 cm / 8 x 11.8”

Maximum :
52 x 105 cm / 20 x 42”
Substrate ThicknessMinimum:
150 gsm and not less than 150 microns/6 mil before printing & eventually lamination

600 gsm and not less than 700 microns/24 mil before printing & lamination
SubstratesFoil finishing on most matte or glossy laminated surfaces, with ou without aqueous coating, layered paper, plastic, PVC and other coated materials.

* confirm substrate/toner/metallic film compatibility with MGI
FilmsUsing most* of the hot foil available on the market. Optimization system of the film consumption.

* confirm substrate/toner/metallic film compatibility with MGI
RollsMinimum width of 10 cm.
Up to 3 film rolls simultaneously.
Roll diameter : max. 30 cm and approximately 2,000 meters of film.
2 cores available : 1 and 3 inches
Hot Foil StampingOn a size 52 x 74 cm, hot foil stamping surface can not exceed 51.5 x 68 cm.
EmbossingFrom 6 up to 200* microns in thickness.
The surface of the metallized film may be covered with a layer of varnish or another metallized film (within 2 passes)

* JETvarnish 3D twin option required
CompatibilityInline module that connects to all JETvarnish 3D.
Dry Air6 bar / 87 PSI
from 150 to 200 litres/hour
Air compressor not provided
Dimensions & Weight2,44 x 1,60 x 1,52 meters (L x W x H)
± 850 kg/ 1,873 lbs
Electrical Requirements20 kW (32A) at 400 volts - 50/60 Hz - 1 plug CEE/IP44 32A (3P+N+E)
Product Applications

Packaging - 100% Digital

The iFOIL combined to the JETvarnish 3D allow Variable Data Finishing (VDF), precisely placed 2D spot UV coats, sensual 3D dimensional textures and embossed foil applications to clients.

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3D Magazine Covers

Give a full impact to your magazine covers with a Hot Foiling and 3D Spot UV Coating finishing.

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100% Digital Hot Foil Stamping & 3D Spot Coating

Get attention and stand out in the crowd thanks to the spectacular effects provided by the Hot Foil Stamping combined with 3D Spot Coating.
Both your visual and tactile senses are fully utilized, causing a powerful emotional effect.

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100% Digital Hot Foil Stamping on Packaging

Luxury packaging realized using only the iFOIL (hot foil) and the JETvarnish 3D (spot coating) equipment on Derprosa Soft Touch metallic lamination film.
No other printing device was used to produce this top cover. Series from 1 to 100,000 samples can be produced in-line.

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100% Digital Hot Foil & 3D Spot Coating for Books

Book cover realized using 100% MGI digital processes:
- Printing
- Spot 3D Coating
- Hot Foil Stamping

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Hologram Hot Foil Stamping

Greeting card using an holographic stamping foil. 100% digital process without any die.


Invitation - 3D

Beautiful invitation card using only a combination of 3D Spot Coating and Hot Foil Stamping using a gold film (no 4 color printing)


Packaging - 3D

2 metallic colors (blue and gold) applied in one pass with the iFOIL

Product Awards

2016 Leadership in Innovation Award - by DuPont Packaging Innovation Program

MGI Digital Technology has received on May 16th 2016, the first “Leadership in Innovation Award” ever issued by the internationally respected DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Program.
The official press release issued by DuPont stated “As a result of ground-breaking, cutting-edge excellence in the packaging marketplace, judges awarded a new Leadership in Innovation Award to MGI.”

“The MGI entry was noteworthy due to its future forward approach to digital package decoration.” said David Luttenberger, CPP, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd. USA.


2015 InterTech Technology Award

Since 1978, the PIA has annually selected the most significant print industry products released each year to receive the InterTech Award designation.
The judging criteria is based on creative technological innovation and business value towards advancing the future growth of the entire print industry.

The judges were especially impressed with the range of metallic colors and tones, as well as the effects that can be created.


2014 Packaging Innovation Award

This year’s 1,500 Packaging/Emballage trade show exhibitors submitted over 208 innovative products to the Pack Experts Committee. The Committee consists of industry experts, many from large international companies with worldwide expertise, such as: L’Oréal, Coca-Cola, and Nestlé. The top 8 entries were given the prestigious “Innovation Award,” including the MGI iFOIL solution. iFOIL was specially rewarded for its innovation which eliminates the need for specific tooling and time consuming make ready.


2014 GOA Game Changer

The 2014 Graphics of the Americas Expo & Conference (GOA) is pleased to announce participants in its inaugural Game Changers showcase, which highlights essential, future-oriented exhibitor technologies.
The MGI JETvarnish 3D and JETvarnish 3D Twin with iFoil have been given the special distinction of being a GOA 2014 Game Changer.


2013 Oscar de l'Emballage (Packaging Award)

The iFOIL technology associated to the JETvarnish 3D was awarded for its innovation and the quality of the output. The jury was impressed by the quick setup process as well as the possibility to run variable data printing within foil.

For all that reasons, iFOIL received the Oscar de l'Emballage 2013 (Packaging Award).