MELBOURNE, FL, USA (September 19th, 2019) – On the 40th anniversary of the biennial Labelexpo Europe exposition, occurring in Brussels from September 24th – 27th, MGI and Konica Minolta will have a united show presence (Hall 8 - Booth - 8C12 - 8C19) and an integrated solutions portfolio, highlighted by the JETvarnish 3D Web Color + digital print enhancement press. The JETvarnish 3D Web Color + is the world’s first inline label and flexible packaging solution for high-definition digital CMYK color printing, personalized 2D/3D dimensional textures and variable embossed foiling applications.
MELBOURNE, FL USA (September 18th, 2019) – To gain a competitive market edge for their clients and provide extra creative impact to their offset and digital color printing work, the Professional Printing Center (PPC) of Chesapeake, VA, has announced the debut of their new “TouchFoil 3D” digital print embellishment service. The new design portfolio of 2D/3D & variable embossed foil special effects utilizes MGI JETvarnish 3D technology from Konica Minolta. Brian Ward, President and COO of PPC, notes, “TouchFoil 3D will be a game-changer for our clients by engaging the senses of sight and touch in a way that just can’t be achieved with traditional print.”
MELBOURNE, FL USA (August 27th, 2019) – For the last twenty-one years, Team Concept, based in Carol Stream, IL, has been an innovative leader of the Chicagoland printing industry. In 2018, as a growth strategy to establish a competitive advantage for their customers and partners, they invested in an MGI JETvarnish 3D digital print enrichment press from Konica Minolta. Now, one year later, they have announced a new brand of decorative and dimensional print solutions called “LuxFX” to maximize the impact of brand messages by delivering sensory print communications on a national level.
MELBOURNE, FL USA (August 12th, 2019) – Phase 1 Prototypes in Dallas, Texas, is a creative workshop and packaging laboratory for brands to create and develop new product designs for maximum consumer shelf impact with advanced printing technologies. For the last year, they’ve been adding new interactive layers of dimensional decorative special effects to their projects with an MGI JETvarnish 3D digital print enrichment press from Konica Minolta. The customized optical highlights, reflective foil motifs and surface texture accents are now helping print buyers, agencies and designers to connect with their customers in ways not possible with traditional finishing methods.
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