Meteor DP8700 XL Steals the Show at AGFA Graphics Oceania Headquarters in Australia

Published Tuesday, 17 June, 2014

MGI Digital Graphic Technology is pleased to announce that the Meteor DP8700 XL has ‘landed’ at the AGFA Graphics Oceania Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. To celebrate the debut of the newest addition to their dynamic line of products, AGFA Graphics is holding an open house June 18th- June 19th. During the event, Australian print service providers will have the chance the see the Meteor DP8700 XL put through the paces during live demonstrations.

Set against a backdrop which urges visitors to ‘Imagine the Possibilities,’ the Meteor will herald a new era for AGFA Graphics Oceania. AGFA reported the open house, thus far, has made a bigger impact than anticipated, with an attendance of over 80 print service providers. The Meteor did not disappoint, blazing through high-quality print jobs on a variety of substrates from offset paper to envelopes, and synthetic stocks to rigid plastics up to 40” in length.

“The Meteor DP8700 XL is an exceptionally versatile, cost-effective, and profitable digital press which allows printers to produce a wide range of high-quality products quickly and efficiently,” Mark Brindley, Managing Director of AGFA Graphics Oceania explains. “It has the potential to help businesses open up entirely new revenue streams with high margin products in growth markets.”

“With the average profit on print running at around 5 %, it’s no wonder the Meteor’s ability to produce general commercial work with a profit margin of 20%, 30%, 50% or even 70% is creating interest around the world,” Continues Brindley. “Add to that the flexibility to diversify into new revenue streams, including high margin products like oversize print, packaging, labels and plastic cards, to name a few;  the Meteor really can be a key to healthier margins and improved business profitability.”

“These are challenging times in print, but the Meteor press range, and the wider range of innovative products from MGI, offer exciting solutions and options for businesses,” Concludes Brindley. “We’re delighted to be partnering with MGI and look forward to working with key decision makers over the next weeks and months to help them ‘imagine the possibilities’ for their businesses.”

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