German Printer Hahn Media+Druck celebrates 130 year anniversary with new MGI digital embellishments

Published Thursday, 15 November, 2018

German Printer Hahn Media+Druck celebrates 130 year anniversary with new MGI digital embellishments.


To distinguish its communication, packaging and direct marketing services, the Printing House based in Rostock acquired a JETvarnish 3D Evolution digital embellishment press from MGI. After installation in July, the press was the “star of the show” for an Open House Day on September 27th that highlighted their 130 years of printing excellence. The company that communicates from now on will be… 4D!


This is a cross interview of Norbert and Torsten Hahn, who, together with their sister, Antje, manage the family Print Shop business acquired by their father Horst in 1964.


Norbert Hahn, would you please introduce us to Printing House Hahn Media + Druck?


Norbert Hahn – We are a mid-sized company employing 45 collaborators in the market of creative graphics, offset and digital printing, internet (web sites creation…), and direct marketing. We also have our own website for e-commerce shopping online. Our Printing House celebrates its 130 years anniversary this year. The Printing House has become a member of our family for 54 years now - thanks to its acquisition by our father at age of 21 years old! Hahn Media+Druck offers a wide range of services to our customers starting from brochure printing to e-mailing and onwards up to creation of package printing and implementation of cross-media campaigns. We service around 500 job orders per month for an annual turnover of 5 millions euros.

What kind of machines are currently running at your operation?


Norbert Hahn – Our equipment facilities include Heidelberg offset presses in traditional and UV inks, one HP Indigo digital press and a workshop of finishing solutions, as well as a highly complete packaging and shipping service, since our strategy is to develop maximum added value internally. Our latest investment consists of the JETvarnish 3D Evolution by MGI, which offers a completely new feature to our solution by providing digital embellishments, particularly UV Varnish and hot Foil in fixed format or with variable data for flat and relief finishing.


Torsten Hahn, why have you felt the need to extend your already well-equipped facility with the MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution?


Torsten Hahn – Our approach is to clearly act and not simply just react. We prefer to anticipate instead of responding too late. This state of mind is one that our father always taught us and it is a part of our DNA and of our company operations. In this framework, we prefer to participate in the development of market trends instead of falling behind them and then be obliged to adapt to what other printers are doing. We always try to distinguish ourselves by being a source of new proposals for our clients, for example, by presenting innovative personalization solutions in order to render our customers’ communication and packaging strategies more efficient.


For instance, our premises include an integrated studio with 6 creative collaborators able to understand the needs expressed by agencies and contractors in order to meet their expectations in the most efficient way. In this context, you can well understand that the JETvarnish 3D Evolution by MGI perfectly matches with this strategy. It allows us to imagine, test and manufacture printing and packaging in particularly amazing and efficient new ways.


Torsten Hahn, you speak about 4D since you have integrated the JETvarnish 3D Evolution. What is 4D, as the MGI’s JETvarnish embellishes in 3D, that is to say, in relief?


Torsten Hahn – All our customers were asking this question during the Open House Day!! Indeed, the JETvarnish prints in flat or relief modes, that is to say in 3D. It also deposits UV varnish and hot foil by a digital process. For us, 4D is the sensory effect! With UV varnish in relief and foil finishing, the paper and printed inks are truly transformed. As a result, the relationship with the printed object dramatically changes!! People have an immediate desire to take the object and play with the light on its surface, even to caress it. The final prints or packaging materials then truly acquire the 4D sensory dimension linked to visibility and efficiency…


Torsten Hahn, why is it better to move forward in digital embellishment with MGI?


Torsten Hahn – The answer is quite clear. We studied the available market solutions for digital embellishment technology. The beginning of our investigation dates back to 2012. At that time, we were not still convinced of the market maturity and print buyer readiness. So, we decided to wait and observe how the market was going to move forward. Therefore, we continued to carefully invest in other types of printing equipment while keeping an eye on digital embellishment, which was the key strategic point for our long-term growth plans.


The introduction of the MGI AIS Smartscanner, which permits the automatic adjustment of inkjet head applications in real time, is driven by an Artificial Intelligence software program. It totally convinced us that the time was right and gave us the final reason to invest in MGI’s technology at the beginning of this year. Quite clearly, from the point of reliability and printing quality, MGI’s technology performance exceeds any other solutions on the market. This was confirmed by our installation and launch of the MGI press at the end of July.


Naturally, every company should choose the technology which meets their individual business requirements in the most accurate way. For us, the JETvarnish 3D Evolution is simply the best digital embellishment press to meet our expectations for key performance factors and market differentiation. Moreover, we were very satisfied by the quality of support and service from the X-Doc Solution Company, MGI’s distributer.


How did the installation of the JETvarnish from MGI take place?


Norbert Hahn – The installation took place in a very classical way. The majority of manpower from X-Doc Solutions came from former Heidelberg employees! There were no surprises. The pre-site requirements were clearly established, in particular the electrical connections and hygrometry. By the way, we are planning to arrange a special dedicated workshop area for the JETvarnish. This will be our “4D Space”, situated near our digital press and our offset presses. It is important to present such an innovative technology with a distinguished presence for our collaborators and our customers!


What is the first impact of the 4D among your customers?


Norbert Hahn – The 4D opens for us new business opportunities and generates a lot of customer interest. The first round of feedback has been very promising, especially since our creative collaborators have imagined extremely innovative print designs and marketing support programs in order to show our customers all the potential that the MGI press can offer…