The Digital Spot UV Coating Opportunity

Published Monday, 4 October, 2010
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(as seen in the 2010 GRAPH EXPO Show Daily - Monday, October 4)

MGI’s revolutionary and award-winning JETvarnish digital inkjet spot UV coater gives commercial printers an economical, 100% digital method for offline spot UV coating, a premium service that generates real bottom line profits.

Spot UV coating was previously possible via offset or screen methods. Both require static plates/screens (with additional costs incurred, plus messy make-ready and required overruns) and are only cost-effective on longer runs. As more and more jobs are being produced in shorter runs, printers need to be able to easily adapt to the changing market.

“The JETvarnish is revolutionizing how the printing industry thinks about spot UV coating,” said Michael Abergel, Executive Vice President for MGI USA. “Printers now have a cost-effective solution for spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands – the all-inclusive cost per sheet is dramatically less than offset or screen methods on even the shortest of runs. ”

100% digital operation means that essentially no make-ready is required – just add a layer or mask to the document in DTP software (such as Adobe Photoshop), process the file through the JETvarnish’s front end system, then send to the unit, resulting in beautiful, precise and inexpensive spot varnished prints. An optional RIP allows for full personalization through the JETvarnish’s integrated variable data capabilities, so each sheet can have unique text, bar codes, graphics and other custom options, a feature not available through traditional offset or screen methods.

The JETvarnish uses MGI’s patented drop-on-demand (piezo) inkjet technology, which ensures precise registration on all sheets and line widths as small as 0.5 mm (1/144”). Accommodating sheet sizes up to 20 x 40” (52 x 105 cm) and speeds of up to 0.5 meters per second, the JETvarnish is ideal for mid-to-large commercial operations using offset and/or digital presses. Like MGI’s other digital printing and finishing solutions, the JETvarnish has multi-substrate capabilities, handling paper and plastics (coated) from 50 to 220 lb cover (135 to 600 gsm). It’s also environmentally friendly, with ozone-free and solvent-free operation, uses a minimum of raw materials and utilizes recyclable packaging.

New features for 2010 include new left and right guides allow for alignment to offset gripper marks on either side of the sheet, resulting in the most precise registration, and the option to add a 2nd print line to be used with either a single ink color (perfect for bar codes and other Variable Data Printing applications) or a 2nd varnish formula.

Typical applications include book covers, packaging, art, direct mail, brochures/catalogues, corporate materials, posters, prototypes/proofing, and a host of others.

At IPEX this past May, MGI signed more than 15 JETvarnish units at the show to a diverse range of companies, including trade finishers, commercial printers and full service laminating and coating shops. Current installations worldwide include some of the top commercial and package printers, as well as book printers.