Live from IPEX - Eclipse purchases MGI JETvarnish and Meteor DP60 Pro

Published Saturday, 22 May, 2010

At IPEX, Eclipse, a leading offset printer in Romania, confirmed the purchase of MGI’s Meteor DP60 Pro multi-substrate digital press and a JETvarnish digital inkjet spot UV coater.


ECLIPSE was founded in 1992 by Alexandru Anita and is headquartered in Buzau,

Romania. The company’s activity was previously focused on the offset printing of

labels and product catalogues enriched through various folio printing techniques - hot

foil, single/combined emboss-deboss, multilevel, sculptured, flat-textured design,

intaglio – using both sheets and rolls. The entire process of design, prepress,

printing, finishing, hot foil molding and punching has been done in-house.


To address the ever-growing diversity of the market and the pressure of printing volumes, ECLIPSE made the decision to purchase the Meteor DP60 Pro and JETvarnish combination from MGI.


We chose MGI’s digital solutions because they are the most flexible and innovative on the market,” said Alexandru Anita, founder of Eclipse. “The Meteor DP60 Pro and JETvarnish will cover and expand one of our highest-demand product ranges, offering customers both quality and economic advantages during a relatively difficult time.