Kelvyn Press & MGI Create Digital Short-run Publishing Opportunities

Published Thursday, 15 October, 2015

Kelvyn Press & MGI Create Digital Short-run Publishing Opportunities

Case Study: An Artist Publishes Inspirational Book of Poetry with the MGI Meteor DP8700XL+, JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL.  

MELBOURNE, FL USA (October 15th, 2015) - Author Susan Hampton recently published her first book of poetry, “Heaven’s Pen: Heaven Whispers & So I Write with the help of nationally-renowned commercial printer Kelvyn Press (Broadview, IL). The book was printed on the MGI Meteor DP8700XL+ Digital Press. The cover was enhanced by the dual PIA InterTech Technology Award-winning MGI digital JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL print finishing system with Embossed Foiling & Spot UV Textures.

Kelvyn Press, founded in 1934, was recently honored for their work with the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL by the Printing Industries of America (PIA) with a coveted Premier Print Award (popularly known as a “Benny” after Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Father and leading printer of the early American Republic). The Binding Industries of America (BIA) also awarded them a Product of Excellence (POE) Award for their high-quality finishing work.

The advantage of MGI Meteor Digital Presses to support e-commerce and self-publishing “Print-on-Demand” (POD) is matched by the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL’s ability to “Finish-on-Demand” (FOD). The ability to customize a “Book of One” production for a print run of one to a hundred thousand gives commercial printers a profitable opportunity to develop revenue streams from online book sales by local authors in their community – and create new publishing services for larger e-commerce fulfillment work in specialized fields of business, education and non-profit literature.  

A Poet Speaks About Her Commercial Printing & Publishing Experience: In Her Own Words

The Value of Print in the in the 21st Century:

“Print needs to have a comeback. A book is a place in space and time. It’s physical and real. The printed pages are where words truly come alive. People read a book to hold the words in their hands. It makes the experience of reading a personal journey. I love turning the pages of a book. I enjoy moments of reflection through the words.”

The Artist’s Journey to Print: “Bringing Words to Life”

“I worked closely with the staff of Kelvyn Press during the printing process to review the draft copies and fine tune the illustrations and word placements. With MGI’s digital prototyping & short run options, Kelvyn Press was able to quickly turnaround new versions of the pages and cover design.”

“For example, the first run of the book had Spot UV coating applied to the cover by the MGI JETvarnish 3D in order to highlight the angel wings & light beams. However, we decided that we could make the cover image even more striking and noticeable with embossed silver foil details & text. The Kelvyn Press team and the MGI JETvarnish 3D/iFOIL system made it simple & easy to immediately make the changes.”

“What makes someone pick up an unknown book to buy and read? The cover. “Heaven’s Pen” Book Cover is designed to illustrate the words within the pages. The cover enhancement with Spot UV & embossed foil from the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL helps bring the book to life.”

The Experience of Working with a Commercial Printer:

“Kelvyn Press recently add a new digital department and purchased MGI printing & finishing equipment. Their digital technology is absolutely amazing and the print quality is top notch. When I saw the print samples from the JETvarnish 3D and iFoil, I was simply blown away. I was excited about getting my first book printed and it turned out better than I even imagined. I love it.” 

“Working with a commercial printer like Kelvyn Press allows authors to participate in the publishing process and witness the book being born. At Kelvyn Press, authors are welcome to visit the office and the printing operations to witness production and actually see their books come off the press.”

Larry Fuller, President of Fuller Grafix, a leading MGI printing technology supplier and business consultant who advised Kelvyn Press on the JETvarnish 3D, iFOIL and Meteor 8700XL+ acquisition, commented “Kelvyn Press had the foresight to advance their business into the digital age and hasn’t looked back. As an equipment dealer our focus is to bring new technology to the market and support customers like Kelvyn through the transition process. Helping our customers develop print business profit centers is what we do.” Fuller Grafix, Inc. has been the MGI Chicago-area Distributor since 2009.

Kevin Abergel, MGI Vice President of Marketing & Sales, stated, “There are times in business when the benefits go beyond revenue. We’re particularly proud of people who use our digital graphic arts technology to create new ideas and ways of looking at the world. The Heaven’s Pen book is an excellent example of a traditional art form – publishing – being produced in a digital format. The Kelvyn Press Team worked together in a wonderful way to help Susan bring her words to life on the printed page.”

Susan Hampton’s book of inspirational poetry, “Heaven’s Pen, Heaven Whispers & So I Write” is available on; (; and (ISBN #978-0-9862078-0-8) Fans of her work can follow her on Facebook: Susan Hampton & Twitter: authorSMHampton.

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