Open House at Grand Rapids Community College

Published Thursday, 26 May, 2011

As seen in In-Plant Graphics, May 2011

Grand Rapids Community College's Printing, Mailing and Graphic Solutions department hosted an open house last month to show off its capabilities, including its new MGI Meteor DP60 Pro multi-substrate digital press. More than 20 demos were done for the in-plants, franchisees and commercial printers in attendance at the event, which was co-hosted by Graphco, the MGI dealer that handles sales, service and support for GRCC.

One of the pieces produced for the event was Display, a biannual magazine showcasing GRCC's best and brightest poets, fiction writers, prose writers, artists, photographers and graphic designers. This magazine had been outsourced for many years, since the quality requirements exceeded GRCC's previous printing capabilities. However, with the addition of the Meteor DP60 Pro, the in-plant has brought this project back in-house.