The Printer’s Edge Wins Best Special Treatment Award at the Florida Print Awards

Published Wednesday, 30 July, 2014

The Printer’s Edge, a well-known high-end print finisher located in Orlando, stood out among the crowd at last week’s Florida Print Awards. Thanks to MGI’s JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater, The Printer’s Edge received the “Best Special Treatment” Flamingo Award, among several other “Best of” awards and three National Certificates of Merit.

The Florida Print Awards recognizes individuals, companies and organizations who are the best in the print industry, bringing to light their creativity and ingenuity to inspire others. Once a year, the industry’s finest come together to collaborate and celebrate the printing industry in Florida. Amongst the 455 entries, The Printer’s Edge caught the eyes of many with their 3D UV sample set due its crisp, tactile finish and overall “wow” factor.

“Soon after our installation of the JETvarnish 3D, we formally launched our finishing services campaign at Graphics of the Americas,” states Mark Resnick, owner of The Printer’s Edge. “We set three ambitious objectives for our launch. First, we wanted to challenge ourselves to rapidly master this new technology. Next, we wanted to demonstrate a broad range of technical possibility, and lastly, we wanted to provide our customers with real-life applications in relevant business verticals. Based on the positive reactions to the 3D UV, we believe we have succeeded on all counts.”

“While we take immense pride in the awards we receive at both the state and national levels, we are especially gratified to see our customers use our technology to expand their business and receive accolades themselves,” continued Resnick. “Beyond the many awards received, our first sample set printed on the JETvarnish 3D has proven to be a strong business development tool for both us and our customers. This capability has already opened doors for The Printer's Edge. In addition, our print partners striving to differentiate themselves and go beyond ink on paper have successfully collaborated with us to expand their business without investing their own capital.”

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About The Printer’s Edge

Located in Orlando, Florida, The Printer’s Edge, owned by Mark and Wendy Resnick, is a print finishing company that provides the nation’s finest graphic artists with a full line of finishing services to companies who want to grow and maintain their brand. From the start, The Printer’s Edge has leveraged innovative technology powered by the industry’s best craftsmen, with over a century of industry-specific experience, in order to execute a high-end job at competitive costs.