PrintPark, major actor of packaging, choses the Digital InkJet Spot UV & Digital Hot Foil JETvarnish 3D Evo B1 format

Published Thursday, 11 April, 2019

Turkey - PrintPark, major actor of packaging, choses the Digital InkJet Spot UV & Digital Hot Foil JETvarnish 3D Evo B1 format - 75x120 cm


To differentiate itself and to reinforce attractiveness of its customers' packaging, PrintPark chose digital embellishment technology from MGI in B1 format since July 2018. This technology allows digital Spot UV Coating and Hot Foiling in flat or tactile effects from 3µm up to 230 µm, for 1 to hundred thousand print.


In the packaging market segment, PrintPark plays an important role in the Turkish market as well as in Europe.


The company founded in 1974 by Mehmet Dansik is now headed by his sons Ferit an Turan, who has led a strategy based on quality and innovation, associated with the strong development on the international market.

In Monaco at the last LuxePack, and in Paris on PCD 2019, the luxury packaging presented by PrintPark unanimously impressed all the participants by their quality and their realization.



PrintPark, a 360° service dedicated to luxury packaging


In the heart of this strategy, the industrial premises of 10 000m² located in Istanbul, gathers under one roof the whole graphical chain in order to offer a full package of services for brands, explains Ferit Dansik:


“Nowadays, customers ask us to reach the impossible: The capacity to help them to imaging their packaging; the possibility to validate prototypes on demand and to launch production very quickly with the highest quality and volume! The brand owners needs a one-stop shop from us to manage all of these different services in house. Thanks to our creative agency, packaging studio, and the offset printing department with HUV press and our complete chains of finishing to provide them a full service.


The digital embellishment is mandatory for packaging


In the domain of finishing and embellishment, PrintPark has owned up to now the traditional technologies such as conventional Hot Foil and UV Varnish. The standard technologies to magnify the packaging but is no longer sufficient as explains Ferit Dansik: 


“Brands’ needs evolve permanently. They request always-higher performance. The special printing effect and collector's packaging in short and medium series are very popular. In parallel, we observe the development of versioning with variable data campaigns, which consist of printing in mass of the same packaging declined in many versions!”


The first MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo B1 Format (75x120cm) in Turkey


Based on that, Ferit Dansik decides to focus its interest on digital embellishment technologies with the goal in his mind to go beyond market expectations: 


“In the printing market, digital embellishment represents for us a true way for differentiation by offering Spot UV Varnish and Hot Foil in flat or in tactile effects in fix or variable data for special runs for the collector's packaging and the campaigns of versioning, which wasn't possible before with traditional technologies. While studying offers on the market, our choice was quickly focused on the JETvarnish 3D Evo in B1 (75x120) format from MGI, which provides unique advantages in terms of industrial production capacity,  quality, especially in homogeneity of tactile varnish deposition looks like a true digital screen printing! The perfection of flat varnish and the extreme precision of Hot Foil are incomparable neither in flat nor in relief.”


Impressive quality and low consumption of UV varnish  


After the first tests launched in January 2018 in Fresnes – France at the Headquarter showroom of MGI the purchase order was finalized in June for the installation of the Digital Ink Jet Press in September.


“The business relation with MGI was sincere and direct and tests realized in Fresnes were successful. The samples delivered to us were particularly complex! » explains Ferit Dansik. “The installation of the JETvarnish 3D Evo allowed us to evaluate the quality of after sales service provided by MGI, which is very strong point to be highlighted. The installation of this equipment inaugurated the new space in our premises dedicated to digital printing. After 4 monthes in operation, were are delighted by the productivity and low consumption of varnish of the JETvarnish 3D Evo B1”


JETvarnish inaugurates the digital department of PrintPark


The JETvarnish 3D Evo of Print Park has promptly found its place within the production team. The first action into the digital printing offers the opportunity to open the new department brought to strongly develop itself in the coming months concluded Ferit Dansik: 


“With the JETvarnish 3D Evo from MGI we have opened a very new promising market. We have managed to anticipate the expectations of our customers with whom we work on very innovative packaging. This differentiation encourages us very clearly to take the new direction of major development in digital printing at our company! We are delighted to start a strong rewarding and mutual business relationship with MGI Digital Technology!”