World Media Group Ventures into New Markets with Meteor DP8700XL

Published Tuesday, 11 March, 2014

World Media Group, one of the largest and most successful independent media manufacturers in the United States, has announced their decision to invest in a MGI Meteor DP8700XL digital press.

World Media Group, centrally headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, is a media solutions company that provides individuals, small business and Fortune 500 Companies worldwide with high quality, cost-effective turn-key media solutions. For over two decades, World Media Group has engineered innovative solutions and superior products to insure their clients stay ahead of the curve. Paired with a sharp focus on customer service and some of the fastest turn-times in the industry, World Media Group has been able to continually enhance and build strong client relationships.  

Driven by their passion for innovative technology and creative products to best serve their clients, World Media Group began researching digital press options. With the assistance of Graphco, an MGI certified Elite dealer, World Media Group decided that MGI’s Meteor DP8700XL was the optimal solution to expand their capabilities.

“The Meteor DP8700XL allows us to better serve our clients, as well as open up new product lines for us,” said Josh Mellentine, Vice President of Operations. “First and foremost, we chose to purchase the Meteor XL due to its versatility to print on different substrates with very high quality. We used to outsource printing of our plastic cards, because the Meteor XL is so flexible, we are now able to process runs in house.”

“Clients are amazed by the fast turn-time and superior quality,” continued Mellentine. “The Meteor XL has launched our gift card business, and we foresee it expanding our business even more due to its versatility. We here at World Media Group are focused on ensuring our clients have innovative, high quality products. We encourage new customers to give us a call, I can guarantee they will be impressed with our turn-time, quality, and customer service.”

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