CPI UK launches new print finish – 3D digital varnish

Published Monday, 6 May, 2013
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CPI has today launched 3D digital varnish, becoming the first and only printer in the UK to offer the exciting new print finish.

3D digital inkjet varnish enables a high pile of UV varnish with a variable profile across the sheet, giving the effect of embossing without an embossing die. Because a differing thickness of varnish can be selected in different areas, in one pass, stunning 3-dimensional effects can be achieved.

 CPI White Quill General Manager, Mark Grice, said: "We're delighted to be the first in the UK to offer this amazing new technology, which we think will be very much in demand. All the customers we have shown samples to have been bowled over. It's not often that something truly new and this exciting comes along."

The MGI JetVarnish machine was installed in CPI's Croydon site last month. The varnish opens up opportunities in packaging and point-of-sale, book jacket printing, promotional print and brochures.

Designers, publishers and print buyers: find out more about this exciting new finish. A 12 page sample brochure, demonstrating the new 3D digital jet varnish, is available from CPI.


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