MGI’s inkjet technology awarded prestigious Engineering Prize for Innovation

Published Friday, 16 December, 2011
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The annual engineering award is organized by the French magazines “Usine Nouvelle" and “Industrie & Technologies”, in partnership with the National Council of French Engineers and Scientists. The award recognizes engineers who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding achievements. Along with MGI, the 2011 winners include Airbus and Total Petroleum Group. 

The jury elected to honor MGI’s R&D team for the innovation shown in the development of 
the JETcard, the first solution utilizing MGI’s color inkjet technology. This revolutionary 
technology allows printing on virtually any substrate surface while maintaining a very high 
level of print quality (paper, plastics & synthetics). Its modular and scalable architecture 
accommodates a wide range of formats, from the size of a plastic card to a cut sheet 
wider than 50 cm/20”. 
MGI’s color inkjet technology enables 4 to 6 color printing plus the ability to add specialty 
inks such as white opaque and security formulas. Unique special effects can also be 
added on-the-fly, including digital spot UV coating and 3D printing effects
MGI’s color inkjet technology is designed with the environment in mind, saving resources, 
eliminating waste (no plates or screens) and harmful emissions (ozone and solvent-free) 
while reducing the overall electrical consumption compared to traditional methods and the 
ability to print on environmentally-friendly paper substrates. 
Edmond Abergel, MGI’s founding president and head of R&D, said: 
"I am particularly pleased and proud that our team has been awarded the Engineering 
Prize. There is no industrial innovation today without a substantial investment in research 
and development; engineers are at the heart of every dynamic and industrial company.” 
Mr. Abergel continued: 
“It is indeed all of the long hours that have been  put in by this team that is being 
recognized here tonight. These engineers have been  able to overcome many technical 
challenges and have developed a reliable and efficient inkjet technology in 
an exceptionally short amount of time, for which I am very proud. " 
This is the second award in 12 months recognizing MGI’s innovation in color inkjet 
technology; also honored with the 2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix. 
MGI’s color inkjet technology is already in production with customers in the United States, 
Brazil and France (JETcard).  
As for the near future, MGI is already capitalizing on this technological expertise to 
develop new ambitious projects. MGI plans to preview its next generation of inkjet color 
presses at drupa 2012, the world’s largest international graphic arts trade show, held in 
Dusseldorf, Germany (May 3-16).