JETvarnish 3D successfully completes testing at Stigler

Published Thursday, 2 May, 2013

(BUSINESS WIRE) ( Munich ,02.05.2013) The refinement Stigler group in Munich has successfully completed the testing phase of the new UV coating machine Jet Varnish. After an intensive development phase partial, digital UV coating can now be done easily. The UV coating gives print products to the exact desired locations more brilliance, color depth and a palpable relief paint. In December 2012, the company P-Center GmbH took over the installation in the production halls of Stigler. While the narrow, technical cooperation between the two companies, a lot of know-how could be drawn for both sides.

"We are now familiar with the challenges and opportunities of the partial digital UV coating. Example, water splashes, strokes or textures can be painted wonderfully and are deceptively realistic," said CEO Michael Stigler. , the new system works completely without screens, films or printing plates. This reduces labor and material costs, so that even short runs are economically feasible. In this innovative method of digital printing UV coating is applied as a clear coat. The layer thickness is variable and can create a noticeable relief paint. Very thinly applied, the UV coating enhances the brilliance and depth of color. "The best varnish results are achieved on non-absorbent material with a homogenous surface, such as coated glossy paper and laminated products. Outstanding effects occur, especially in combination with a soft-touch foil" explains the engineer Wolfgang Bauer, director of business organization and IT at Stigler. Within a few seconds the clear coat dries under short-wave, environment-friendly UV light and provides a stable and protective surface. The product can then be further processed and combined with other processing techniques.

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