The Meteor DP60 Pro has enabled us to venture into to new business areas, specifically photo books and personalized invitations.

H. Williams Bookstore

We are a traditional print shop focusing primarily on the manufacture of greeting cards to supply our local market as well as our own retail locations. Given the challenges of a small market as well as managing a product line that consists of multiple SKU's we determined that digital printing could be used alongside our offset operation to increase flexibility as well as reduce costs in certain areas. It was with this mindset that we went to DRUPA to evaluate the products that could fulfill our needs. At DRUPA, we realized the maturing digital technology could not only compliment our existing operation, but would enable us to venture into new areas that we did not cater to before. The print on demand business, specifically Photo Books and personalized invitations were aspect of our business always there but inaccessible given the technology we employed. The Meteor DP60 Pro has changed all this.

We have been using the DP60 in multiple ways, to compliment our existing business we do short runs on specific card designs to minimize inventory and reduce obsolescence. To increase our business opportunities we have launched a Photo Book programme that utilizes our retail stores as sales points. The Meteor DP60 Pro has also enabled us to venture into specific areas of commercial printing that were not open to us, Corporate invitations and short run catalogues to name a few.

To date the DP60 has lived up to and in many instances surpassed our expectations. The machine is very easy to use and the maintenance which was expected to be problematic based on the experience gathered from other manufacturers has proven to be very simple. Once one understands the importance of the correct paper the jobs run without a problem at a speed that is surprisingly fast, this quick print time is allowing us to also take commercial work for immediate delivery. The new business generated and the excitement in our market place has been excellent - the machine was bought to complement the existing operation but has proven to be so much more.