Vue aérienne du site de production de l’imprimerie Chirat (Saint-Just-la-Pendue)
"...I was seduced by the new JETvarnish 3D..." - Jacques Chirat

Imprimerie Chirat Upgrades to a JETvarnish 3D “T2”

Jacques Chirat, explained his reason for investing in the JETvarnish 3D several years ago, "One of our flagship products are book printing and finishing, from A to Z, and producing appealing book covers often involves spot coating. Originally, this type of finishing was outsourced to a local screen printer. It was a long process, not very profitable for us and not fully suitable for our business. In 2009, we brought this production in house with the very first JETvarnish produced by MGI. We increased responsiveness, quality and driving force for our clients. To date, I cannot tell you how many millions of covers we have spot coated with our JETvarnish 3D, but it has become a major source of high margin revenue for our operation."

Jacques Chirat continues, "The digital spot coating was such a success that it became a standard production staple for our customers. We needed a new technology to surprise them again and continue to bring added value. This is why I was seduced by the new JETvarnish 3D with the “T2” twin printing bar and the opportunity to raise the thickness of the varnish up to 200 µm. This new equipment allows us to produce 3 times faster that our JETvarnish 2D and offer up to 20 times thicker varnish levels”.