Near-offset print quality, superb color consistency, excellent productivity...

French Post Office (La Poste)

MGI Digital Graphic Technology, the digital press and finishing solution manufacturer, announced that they have renewed their partnership with Phil@poste, a division of La Poste, the French Post Office. The two companies are currently exhibiting jointly at Planete Timbres, the international stamp show in Paris, which is celebrating the 40th anniversary of La Poste’s in-plant stamp printing organization.

Phil@poste has partnered with MGI to print envelopes on the Meteor DP60 Paper 4-color digital press, the only production digital press (Meteor DP60 series) with envelope capabilities. The Meteor DP60 Paper met and exceeded Phil@poste’s demanding criteria, which included near-offset print quality, superb color consistency and excellent productivity.

At Planete Timbres, MGI and Phil@poste printed “pre-stamped” envelopes on-demand with the Meteor DP60 Pro, which consumers could purchase exclusively at the exhibition.