Landisville, Pennsylvania
We save tens of thousands of dollars per month by producing our oversized book covers on the Meteor DP60 Pro

Yurchak Printing

Yurchak Printing, Inc. was founded in 1998 with the goal of offering high quality, short-run digital book manufacturing services to the publishing industry, manufacturing and service companies, professional associations, government agencies, as well as colleges and universities.

Today, Yurchak Printing Inc. is a leader in digital short-run book manufacturing by specializing in solutions for the production of directories, periodical and journals, reference books, fine edition and illustrated books, bibles, children’s books, bound galley’s and university press books. They offer a wide variety of binding styles on different paper substrates in quantities of 1 to 1500 copies.

An all-digital shop, Yurchak Printing was looking for a more cost-effective way to produce their oversized book covers (longer than 13 x 19”). They had been outsourcing these capabilities but were seeking to bring these capabilities in-house and cut their costs. MGI’s Meteor DP60 Pro, with sheet size capabilities up to 13 x 40” in production, was the ideal digital press to meet this need. Not only could they bring all their cover production in-house, saving tens of thousands of dollars per month, but they also use the Meteor DP60 Pro as a complement to their HP Indigo for short run, full color book production. Yurchak Printing is very happy with the Meteor DP60 Pro’s output, especially the ability to match PMS colors.