Guillaume Sauget
"Despite the financial crisis, my spot varnish sales have increased by 30% since integrating the JETvarnish into my workflow "said Guillaume Sauget

Peau Printing

Peau Printing specializes in high-end offset printing and has just added two new weapons to its arsenal:
MGI’s multi-substrate digital press, the Meteor DP60 Pro, and the only digital spot UV coater commercially available today, the JETvarnish.

This family company was established in 1954 and reports a turnover of EUR 4.2 million with 28 employees. It is equipped with two 70x102 5 colors + varnish offset presses, as well as a state of the art bindery with a wide range of equipment dedicated to handling the most complex of orders.

In early 2009, under the pressure of persistent clients and a changing global printing market, Peau Printing decided to go digital in order to produce shorter print runs and shorten delivery times.

William Sauget, chairman, commented: "The arrival of digital into our company has been a delayed so late due to the lack of digital presses that were actually designed for printers."

"The Meteor DP60 Pro is, for us, the only digital press with which professional printers are on
familiar ground; no minimum print contracts, no clicks, precise registration, and fantastic printing quality, especially when it comes to solids."

To Guillaume Sauget, the words "reliability" and "responsiveness" carry a lot of weight. This make sense when you know that during the Cannes Film Festival, jobs arrive late at night and sometimes need to be shipped next day by taxi from Nogent le Loir. To ensure that delivery will arrive on time, the job is printed in duplicate and both are sent off in two different taxis that use two separate routes to reach Cannes. This very special delivery service enabled him to cope with contingencies that could put his client in serious trouble.

In 2010, to increase its differentiation and positioning in markets with high added value printing, Peau was seduced by the sole digital spot varnishing equipment on the market today: the JETvarnish. The CEO built a case for funding with OSEO and the department (CODEL). As this was one of the first 5 digital spot uv coaters installed worldwide, these agencies approved the funding due to the innovative nature of this project.

William Sauget adds: "I am looking for work that conveys an upscale image, complex to produce and would allow my clients to communicate with unique elegance and very high quality. The JETvarnish is the ideal equipment to enhance the print quality of both my offset and digital jobs, especially since each page has a different type of spot coat. It allows me to produce in-house, run many small runs on the same day, while increasing responsiveness and productivity. "

In these difficult times is it not reasonable to focus on quality and not quantity?

William Sauget provides his answer: "Despite the crisis, my firm has seen a decrease of 6% of its turnover and has preserved its profit level. The turnover of spot UV coating has increased by 30%. Customers can easily recognize what is really important to them. "

"In terms of equipment, we are now in-tune with our customers. Now we need to expand our offering and our visibility on the Internet. The largest project is the establishment of a sales force in Paris and our region to offer our expertise to companies – and to our fans! ".