Discover the JETVANRISH 3DS and iFOIL S, spot UV coating and hot foilling solution, exclusively designed and manufactured by MGI Digital Technology for Konica Minolta (exclusive distributor).

Don’t limit yourself to just beautifully printed jobs - It is time to bring more value and creativity to your customers. The JETVARNISH 3DS turns your printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible printouts, which will immediately gain the full attention of your customer. You can easily spot varnish all your digital prints, highlight defined areas or add 3D effects, which makes your print jobs more vivid and tactile.

With the new varnish formula in combination with the Konica Minolta print heads you can create a 3D effect on laminated surfaces or on toner directly. The variable data option adds full personalization capabilities for a maximum one-to-one marketing impact.

The digitalization of the spot UV finishing allows you to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it, producing sellable proofs so your customers can see, touch and feel effect that their jobs could have.

With the JETVARNISH 3DS as a completely digital solution you can prepare all this on demand and safe pure time and money.
Spot UV Coating
UV inkjet Technology
Product Applications

100% Digital Hot Foil & 3D Spot Coating for Books

Book cover realized using 100% MGI digital processes:
- Printing
- Spot 3D Coating
- Hot Foil Stamping

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100% Digital Hot Foil Stamping & 3D Spot Coating

Get attention and stand out in the crowd thanks to the spectacular effects provided by the Hot Foil Stamping combined with 3D Spot Coating.
Both your visual and tactile senses are fully utilized, causing a powerful emotional effect.

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100% Digital Hot Foil Stamping on Packaging

Luxury packaging realized using only the iFOIL (hot foil) and the JETvarnish 3D (spot coating) equipment on Derprosa Soft Touch metallic lamination film.
No other printing device was used to produce this top cover. Series from 1 to 100,000 samples can be produced in-line.

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3D Magazine Covers

Give a full impact to your magazine covers with a Hot Foiling and 3D Spot UV Coating finishing.

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3D Packaging

Add a new dimension to your packaging projects with MGI's JETvarnish 3D. Offer your customers flat and/or 3D raised effects, and/or various patterns in the coating. Make their brands pop right off the shelf!


3D Raised Effect Cards

Produce "never-seen-before" cards, with beautiful 3D embossed effects that create a premium image and luxurious tactile finish.


3D Varnish - Nobody can resist!

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The JETvarnish 3D’s new capabilities produce beautiful, tactile 3D effects that enhance visual appeal and bring a new sensory dimension to all printed projects. Nobody can resist!


3D Varnish - Closeup View

3D Varnish closeup view with spectacular raised effects - click on the image to zoom in!


Invitation - 3D

Beautiful invitation card using only a combination of 3D Spot Coating and Hot Foil Stamping using a gold film (no 4 color printing)


Invitation Cards - 3D

Produce VIP invitation cards with amazing 3D effects for a finished product which stands out from the crowd.
You can even include VDP to personalize your message with spot UV coating!


Magazine & Book Covers - 3D

The book cover is the number one application for the JETvarnish 3D. Ideal for short or long runs, book covers is the perfect application to harness the esthetic appeal of 3D spot UV coating.
With the extended paper format - as a standard feature - the JETvarnish 3D can handle book covers with multiple flaps up to 52x105 cm / 20x42" long.


Magazine Cover - 3D

100% Digital embossing and hot foil stamping


Packaging - 3D

2 metallic colors (blue and gold) applied in one pass with the iFOIL