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JETcard 3D

Utilizing MGI’s award winning and revolutionary inkjet technology, the JETcard 3D provides card manufacturers with an all-inclusive printing/encoding/finishing solution.

MGI’s JETcard 3D is a true Card Factory and can replace up to 5 different pieces of equipment traditionally used in the plastic card production chain: Litho press, collator, lamination press, die cutter and encoder/personalization printer.

The JETcard 3D utilizes pre-cut blank cards (with/without magnetic stripe or RFID) and is ideal for turnkey production from 1 card to millions, all ready to be sold (fully printed, personalized, coated, encoded & verified).

The JETcard 3D is targeted for card manufacturers as well as commercial printers, maximizing productivity for high volume applications while still remaining cost-effective for short runs. The JETcard 3D has already been awarded the prestigious "2010 Siemens Innovation Grand Prix" and the “2011 Engineering Prize", in recognition of MGI’s R&D achievement.

From an individual blank ISO CR-80 card, the JETcard 3D is able to achieve in one pass, the following processes:
• Pre-coating to ensure a full compatibility with the substrates available on the market
(plastic, paper, PLA, etc.)
• Printing 4, 6 ou 8 colors to expand the spectrum of the printable colors
• Optional white opaque ink
• Optional security ink revealed only under a black light
• Micro text and guilloché patterns
• Full variable data printing including text, barcodes & images
• Spot UV coating or flood UV coating for card protection
• Read & write capabilities on HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripes
• Automated quality controls and rejection of the defective cards

New Enhanced Printing Functions (2013):
• Printing with spectacular 3D raised effects
• Variable Data Printing even with 3D raised effects
• Hexacolor printing to expand the gamut and/or spot colors (orange, blue, ...)
JETcard 3D
Print TechnologyJETcard 3D is using MGI's inkjet system. This is a Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology utilizing piezo heads mounted on a solid plate covering the entire printable width. It is a single pass printing process using UV curing inks & coatings.
Print SpeedThanks to its UV inkjet technology, JETcard 3D prints up to 8,000 simplex color cards per hour
Print ResolutionThe best resolution achieves 720x2160 dpi
FormatsJETcard 3D is ISO CR-80 compliant. The printable format in full bleed mode is 53.98 x 85,6 mm (2.13 x 3.37"). The supported thickness are ranging from 350 to 1000 microns with an automatic print head adjustement. On request, oversized cards are supported.
SubstratesJETcard 3D prints on a wide range of substrates

PVC with/without treatment, PET, Teslin, PLA or other closed surface synthetic substrates

On coated paper or options including ArjoWiggins Sequoia, Monadnock Envi, etc.
Input Magazines500 card magazines reloadable on-the-fly, without production interruption. Each magazine is key-coded and can be addressed individually.
Output Magazines5 magazines with a total capacity of 2,500 cards, are mounted on a rotating carousel. They can be unloaded on-the-fly, without production interruption. Each magazine is key-coded and can be addressed individually.
Control FunctionThe JETcard 3D production system includes several built-in quality control processes. These systems are using sensors & cameras to ensure that each card meets the highest quality criterias (data integrity, front & back matching, etc.).

Defective cards are routed into a rejection bin.
Print ColorsJETcard 3D utilizes UV inks. Depending upon the configuration, the JETcard 3D supports 4, 6 or 8 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white opaque, orange, blue, security ink/custom color,...)
Encoding FunctionThe JETcard 3D is ISO CR-80 compliant. Therefore, it writes/reads on HiCo & LoCo magnetic stripes. The JETcard 3D encodes at the speed of 8,000 cards per hour. Each card is individually on-the-fly tested after the encoding (data integrity & ISO standard compliance).
Printing FunctionThe JETcard 3D prints in 4, 6 or 8 UV colors. Each card can be printed with or without 3D raised effects. The thickness of the 3D effects can vary from 8 to 100µm.

Cards are printed in full bleed (edge-to-edge)

The specialty features that are supported include micro text, guilloché patterns, signature panel, security ink (only seen under black light) or spot customs colors.
Coating FunctionSeveral UV coating features could be applied with the JETcard 3D:
- pre-coating prior to printing to better prepare the substrate
- spot coating to embellish and outline selected card areas
- flood coating to better protect the cards (abrasion & fraud)
UV CuringAn on-line and instant UV curing system ensures a perfect card drying. This is an ozone-free process. The finished cards stored in the output magazins are fully dryed and ready for handling.
Application SoftwareThe JETcard 3D comes with several MGI's application software loaded. These software allows tvariable data printing management, overall card production management or operator proofing utilities. A powerful calculator enables predictive ink & coating consumptions prior production.
Controller & WorkStationJETcard 3D comes with an integrated Fiery Controller & a PC based WorkStation. These systems are Ethernet connected (100/1000BT - RJ45) and are provided with screen/keyboard/mouse. They are loaded with MGI's software suite.
Option(s)• Hexacolor printing system and the 7th and 8th colors
• White opaque ink
• Security ink (under black light)
• Oversized cards (larger than CR-80 format)
Variable Data PrintingDrop-on-demand inkjet technology combined with the power of the integrated controller enable full variable data printing on all JETcard 3D inks & coatings. Variable data printing applies on text, graphic, barcode (1-D & 2-D) & photos. Each card can be different from the its predecessor at the speed of 8,000 distinct cards per hour!
Electrical Power400V, 20 kVA (3P+N+E/32A P17)
Dimensions(L x W x H)
5.98 x 1.25 x 1.85 meter / 19.7 x 4.1 x 6.1 ft
1 meter / 3.3 ft clearance required on all 4 sides

Weight : 3,500 kg (7,717 lbs)
Dry AirAn on-site dry air system is necessary (6 bar/87 PSI, 300 à 400 liters/min - 80/105 Gal/min.)
Environmentally FriendlyEliminates resource waste (wasted electricity, paper, inks & coating)

No plates (offset) or screens (screen printing)
No messy cleanup or preparation between jobs

Drastic reduction in amount of consumables and use of bulk packaging. Ozone free. Varnish/ink without solvent
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Product Advantages

Simplified Production Chain

MGI’s JETcard 3D is a true Card Factory and can replace up to 5 different pieces of equipment traditionally used in the plastic card production chain: Litho press, a collator, a lamination press, a die cutter and an encoder/personalization printer.

On Demand Production

All the advantages of On Demand printing coupled with the low production costs of the offset.

Variable Data

Drop-on-demand technology and an integrated RIP enable full variable data printing on all JETcard 3D inks and coatings. For example, the security coating can be used as an anti-counterfeiting feature, revealing inks only when held under a black light.

Cost Reduction

With advantageous reductions in space, equipment and in manpower needed to produce a plastic card, your final production costs will be dramatically lower than on previous technologies.

Ease of Use

The JETcard 3D is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, allowing for one operator to supervise the automatic card production process.

Footprint Reduction

The 5 different pieces of equipment traditionally used in the plastic card production chain: Litho press, a collator, a lamination press, a die cutter and an encoder/personalization printer typically needs 500 m2 of factory space.
With the JETcard 3D, we recommend 50 m².
Thats 10 times less area.


8,000 card per hour (or 4,000 cards per hour duplex), fully personalized and encoded in one fell swoop.

No More Stock

No need to stock large amounts of pre-printed shells waiting for personalization in your warehouse. Go from just in case to just in time with the JETcard 3D.

Continuous Production

The JETcard 3D was designed with continuous production in mind, meaning you can load a magazine of cards into the JETcard 3D while the previous magazine is still being printed.

Stop Outsourcing

Don't farm your card production out anymore, its time to bring the profit back in house with the JETcard 3D.

Environmentally Friendly

No more plates, screens, films, ribbons or any other waste associated with traditional card manufacturing processes. All consumables on the JETcard 3D are solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Assured Front to Back VDP Integrity

Data integrity systems provide the highest level of data accuracy from both sides of the printed card and the information encoded on the card's magnetic strip.

Product Applications

3D Raised Effect Cards

Produce "never-seen-before" cards, with beautiful 3D embossed effects that create a premium image and luxurious tactile finish.


Spot UV Coating

Each card can receive personalized UV coating, spot or flood, with or without 3D raised effects.

The UV coating is applied on-the-fly without impacting the overall production speed.


Secure Cards with Invisible Ink

Enter the highly profitable secure card market with the exclusive MGI invisible ink - only visible under black light


Cards with White Ink

Create added value by producing attractive and eye-catching card designs utilizing the JETcard's additional color capabilties, such as opaque white ink.


Encode Cards (Hico & Loco)

Don't limit your business to card printing only! Now you can also encode data, on-the-fly, directly onto magnetic stripes stripes for an even greater added value proposition.


4-8 Color Plastic Cards

The JETcard 3D is an economical method of producing high volumes of wide range of personalized plastic card applications, including membership/loyalty, gift, ID. access, RFID and many more. Stop outsourcing and keep your profits in-house!

Product Awards

2011 Engineering Prize

The 8th annual "Engineering Prize" is organized by the French magazine “Usine Nouvelle” . Along with MGI, the 2011 winners include Airbus and Total Petroleum Group. The jury elected to honor MGI’s R&D team for the innovation shown in the development of the JETcard, the first solution utilizing MGI’s color inkjet technology. The award recognizes engineers who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding achievements.


Must See 'em, GRAPH EXPO 2011

Products selected as Must See ‘ems were chosen from more than 1,800 individual products shown at GRAPH EXPO 2011 by almost 475 exhibitors. A panel of several leading industry consultants and trade magazine editors selected the winners, which represent technologies that will impact virtually all types of printers. MGI has earned 2 Must See 'em.


The 2010 Siemens Prize for Innovation

The 2010 Siemens Prize for Innovation is primarily a gesture of gratitude to those who innovate, invest in research and development in order to find effective solutions to improve life both for today and tomorrow.