Meteor DP8700 Se+

Expand your scope of applications with Meteor DP8700 Se+. With myriad of compatible paper and envelope types the Meteor DP8700 Se+ can handle, you can offer new opportunities to your customers that translate into higher sales and profitability for you.

Print on substrates up to 350 gsm that include bristol, matte, glossy, C1S-C2S, Kromekote, Teslin, linen, art-textured, and labels with a print resolution of 3600 dpi/270 lpi.

Now available with a special envelope feeding module, you no longer sell simple color printing but sophisticated documents with full variable data and personalization, thus generating real added value and profit.
Digital Printing
Print Speed Monochrome and ColorUp to 4,260 A4/Letter pages/hour or 2,280 A3 pages/hour *

* without calibration and stabilization
Print ResolutionSuperior output quality up to 3600 dpi/270lpi.
New predefined line screens, including 5 preset stochastic modes (random dot pattern FM).
20 traditional line screens ranging from 95 to 270 lpi. Up to 2 different line screens per document
FormatsMinimum: 100 x 148* mm / 3.9" x 5.8’’
Maximum: 330 x 650** mm / 13" x 19’’
Envelope*** size supported: DL, C5 & C4

*from trays 3 to 5
** from tray 5 and max. 250 gsm / 250 µm in simplex
*** with additional and specific fuser for envelope production printing and from trays 4 & 5
From 65 up to 350 gsm (or up to 17 pt)
From 23 lb bond up to 130 lb cover
Offset Papers, Bristol, Matte, Coated, Kromekote®, Art Paper, Textured, Bond, Labels, C1S, C2S, Synthetics (Teslin) & Envelopes (DL, C5 & C4)
Maximum Print AreaUp to 323x644 mm
Input Trays• 2 Internal Trays (trays #1 & 2):
1,500 sheets total capacity (500 + 1,000 sheets)
From 65 up to 260 gsm or 10 pt
Formats from 140x182 mm / 5.5x7.1” up to 330x487* mm / 13x19”
Tray linking

• 3 trays linking high capacity feeder with air feed system
- Tray #3
1,390 sheet capacity
From 65 to 300 gsm
Formats from 100x148 mm / 3.9x5.8" to 330x487 mm / 13x19"

- Tray #4
1,390 sheet capacity
From 65 to 300 gsm
Formats from 100x148 mm / 3.9x5.8" to 330x487 mm / 13"x19"

- Tray #5
1,150 sheet capacity
From 65 to 350 gsm or 17 pt
Formats from 100x150 mm / 3.9" x 5.9" to 330x489 mm to 330x650 mm 13x25.6’’
And envelopes

* Max. A3 / 11’’ x 17’’ format from tray 1
- Vibrating jogging table
Accommodates sheets up to 40x50 cm/15x19” and a paper pile up to 8 cm/3” high

- High capacity pile stacker
Up to 6,000 sheets at 80 gsm (60 cm/23” high) – automatic height adjustment
- High capacity envelope conveyor (130 cm/51” long)
Automatic DuplexingFrom all Trays:
Minimum: 100 x 150 mm* (3.9” x 5.9”)
Maximum: 330 x 487 mm (13” x 19”)
Up to 300 gsm

*size accepted from trays 3 to 5
External ControllerExternal Controller Fiery FS100 Pro System Windows 10 FES 64-bit
Languages and file formats supported : Adobe PostScript 1, 2 & 3, Adobe PDF, PDF/X-1a, 3 and 4, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
Command WorkStationCommand Workstation 6
• Delivered with monitor, keyboard, mouse and webcam
• Print queue management utilities with on demand reprinting. Auto trapping
• Professional color managment tool:
- Profile management: CMYK (Euroscale Fogra, SWOP) and RGB (sRGB, Adobe RGB)
- ICC/ICM (ProfilMaker, ColorMatch)
- PANTONE+ certification with ‘‘Spot-On’’
- Built-in automatic color calibration
- Integrated automatic calibration and external calibration with KM FD-5BT spectrodensitometer
• Two different line screens within the same print job:
- One line screen for pictures
- One different line screen for text/vector graphics
Variable Data• 100% compatible with variable data management solutions:
- NEWLEAF & PReS PrintSoft, Bartender Seagull Scientific, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, PrintShop Mail
• Compatibility with VDP languages:
- Variable Data Printing Fiery FreeForm v1 and v2.1, PPML v3.0
- JDF/JMF Support
Intelligent Substrate ManagementUnlimited customizable library of paper & synthetic substrates
Substrate specific values for optimized printing include inking transfer, engine temperature, Infrared preconditioning temperature
V.B.R.S (Vibration and Banding Reduction System) on heavy stock.
Color Touch screen interface
Electrical Power230 V VAC ± 10 % ; 50/60 Hz ± 3 %
9.5 kW maximum, 42 A
Operating EnvironmentRequired temperature: 15° to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Optimum between 18° to 23°C (64° to 73°F) - maximum variation of 10°C (50°F) per hour
Operating Humidity: 30% to 50% RH - optimal condition: 40%
Dimensions & Weight350 x 192 x 76 cm / 138 x 76 x 30’’ (L x H x W)
Weight: 838 kg / 1,847lbs
Eco-friendlyPrints are deinkable and therefore recyclable
Printing on recycled paper
Lower environmental footprint than other comparable digital presses: lower power consumption, no additional HVAC or chiller, no exit exhaust
Emits no ozone or VOCs
Toner bottles are made of HDPE and are recyclable through standard programs (no special disposal needed)
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English MGI Meteor DP8700 Se+ (Jan 2018)  
French MGI Meteor DP8700 Se+ (Jan 2018)  
Product Advantages

Laser-Safe Prints

MGI's toners are oil-free and silicone-free, which means that they are also laser-safe - the only production digital press with this capability. Laser-safe prints won't smudge or ghost when run through any standard desktop laser printer- so your customers can enjoy full-color letterhead and envelopes, even in short runs.


Envelope production can be an instant game changer for your business. Whether you are printing high quality 4C logos on stationary (supplementing an offset run), or printing variable data for direct mail applications, the Meteor DP8700 S+ can bring in serious profits for your business. Go from the typical DL envelope all the way to the C4 envelope, with or without windows, all on demand.

Standard Offset Media

You’ve been challenged by the cost of the special “digital” papers you were being forced to use. Thanks to our our Smartfuze engine management technology, you can print digitally on the same substrates that you are currently printing with your offset press today, meaning no separate “digital” stock in your warehouse and the ability to immediately lower your cost of production by an average of 30%.

No Click Charges

We listened when printers worldwide told us they thought that the click charges were unfair, and we agree 100%. We operate on a model that is similar to that of an offset press, allowing for tremendous production cost savings and no stressful monthly minimums or overage charges. You pay for what your print, it's that simple.

Ease of Use

While it should be emphasized that the Meteor DP8700 S+ is not a push button press, your operators will quickly understand how the press works, both inside and out, as it is relatively easy to use. Whether your operator comes from an offset press background or a pre-press background, MGI's team of engineers will teach your operator everything he or she needs to know about how to manipulate colors, substrates, formats and more.


Never be down without support again with MGI's technical support system.

MGI's remote diagnostic tools in conjunction with a webcam (standard with all Meteor DP series) allow MGI certified technicians to remotely support your press and walk your operator through most maintenance procedures. In addition, every Meteor DP comes with a interactive video that shows, step by step, how to perform from the easiest to the most difficult of procedures. If you need a site visit, MGI's worldwide network of certified technicians are only a phone call away.

Product Applications

4-Color Brochures

Whether it's a simple duplex page or a 2-page brochure, MGI's solutions can produce a wide range of creative and attractive brochures.



The envelop is more than ever the medium of choice to address the customer with personalized advertising and to convey a powerful marketing message. 4-Color printed envelopes are eye-catching and really grab the attention of the recipient.



MGI's special silicone free toner and fusing technology will allow you to print laser safe documents, such as letterhead, that will not re-melt during overprinting. Being able to print letterhead digitally instead of running it on an offset press will bring major advantages in terms of costs, plus shorter run options and quick turnarounds.


Business Cards

Produce beautiful 4-color business cards (in the shortest of runs), and finish spot UV coating or hot foil stamping and embossing...MGI has a solution for you.


Invitations/Greeting Cards

A wide range of options, from elegant invitations to photo greeting cards, sports trading cards, baby announcements and many more.



Print on paper or onto synthetics such as Yupo or polyester for additional durability.



Postcards, photo cards, personalized direct mail campaigns...the only limit is your imagination!



MGI's digital printing and finishing solutions offer a wide range of options for custom photo products, such as photobooks. Take an active part in the 25 million of photobooks that will be produced in 2013.



The Meteor series of Digital Presses combined with the Digital Finisher are the ideal printing and finishing solutions for many applications, such as tickets.

The power of the digital press allows you to add any VDP such as numbering, barcode, etc.


Personalized Direct Mail

Utilize full variable data capabilities on a range of personalized, targeted applications, such as direct mail. Variable information such as text, barcodes, graphics can be customized to each individual member of your audience, resulting in higher response rates and better ROI.


Offset Personalization

Because the Meteor is able to print on normal offset substrates, you can integrate the ability to overprint and personalize your offset prints into your workflow, offering your customers a new value added service that is both high margin with a very low cost of production.


Synthetic Materials

MGI's versatile digital presses open up a wide range of synthetic applications, such as tags, labels, maps, charts, licenses, id cards, menus, posters, medical charts, signs, calendars, training manuals, presentation folders, key fobs and much more