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Meteor DP8700 XL+ DF Pro

Choose higher productivity with the inline solution Meteor DP8700 XL+ and DF Pro.
This combination will allow you to print and finish your document in only one pass.

More information and details on Meteor DP8700 XL+ and DF Pro on their own product pages
Digital Printing and Inline Finishing
ProductivityUp to 4,260* A4 sheets per hour (with 3 finishing functions)
Up to 2,280* A3 sheets per hour (with 3 finishing functions)

* Finishing speed will vary according to finishing tools, paper size
Paper Formats & Weights Paper format from 105 x 148 mm up to 330 x 1,200 mm (from 4.1’’ x 5.8’’ up to 13’’ x 47’’)
Paper thickness from 90 to 400 Gsm (from 24 lb bond up to 147 lb cover/ 16 pt ) or 400 µm depending on used tools
Finishing exclusively limited to paper substrates (no plastic, no PVC, no PE/PP)
Paper InputMeteor DP8700 XL+
- 2 trays
1,500 sheet total capacity (1,000 + 500 sheets)
Weights from 90 up to 260 Gsm or 10 pt
All sizes included from 140x182 mm to 330 x 487 mm /5.5x7.2’’ to 13x19’’
Ability to link tray
- Bypass
250 sheets capacity from 90 up to 300 gsm
Includes formats from100x148 mm to 330x1200 mm (with option) / 3.9x5.8’’ to 13x47’’
- Integrated Pneumatic Loader
3,000 sheets maximum capacity
Weights from 150 to 400 Gsm or thicknesses from 100 to 400 µ/4mil up to 16mil
Accepts all formats ranging from 100x220 mm to 330x1200 mm / 3.9x8.7’’ to 13x47’’ (with option).
The feeder module is thermoregulated for the moisture stabilization of substrates

DF Pro
The paper is directly feed after after the press
Offset Registration TablePrecise printing registration
(± 0,2 mm L-R and front-back, page-page ± 0,5 mm)
New Duplexing UnitAuto duplex from 2 trays, bypass and offset feeder for substrates up to 300 Gsm/ 136 lb bristol and up to 330x487 mm/13x19’’
High Capacity StackerTop loading
Laser guided stack adjustment
Capacity of up to 5,500 sheets @90 Gsm/22 lb bond
Standard Finishing Tools• On-board tools
2 rotary blades for horizontal cutting
1 blade for vertical cutting

• Interchangeable tools
1 interchangeable tool for negative creasing (vertical)
Up to two tools can be simultaneously loaded and are automatically detected by the equipment. The unused tool are stored in a parking area with free slots.
Cutting• Trimming
2 standard rotary blades working in the range of 3 to 30mm from each sheet edge

• Cutting
1 standard interchangeable tool for multiple vertical cuttings (min. 4 mm between each cut)
SlittingNEW - Horizontal and Central Slitting

• 1 optional horizontal slitting tool for 2 up documents with adjustable central gutter from 5 to 15 mm (0.20 to 0.59’’).
CreasingMultiple creasing available with a mininum gap of 2mm. Each tool includes two different creasing widths for a better fit with the various paper thicknesses. 3 steps of creasing strengh
• 1 standard tool for a negative creasing (folding on the front side of the sheet).
• 1 optional tool for a positive creasing (folding on the back side of the sheet).

* Paper thickness from 100 to 400 Gsm or 400 µm epending on substrats
PerforatingPerforating density is 11 TPI(4), 17 and 26 TPI available as an option 3 steps of perforating strengh

• Horizontal direction
1 standard rotary blade up to 4 with option with a mininum gap of 30 mm/1.1’’ between each blade.
Continue or discontinue perforation fully under user’s control.
Programmable by step of 1 mm / 0.04”

• Vertical direction
1 standard tool for multiple perforations across the entire width of the sheet. For discontinuous perforation, optional tool for a given perforation length.

* Paper thickness from 80 to 300 Gsm or 300 µm depending on substrats
Digital PilotMeteor DP8700 XL+
- Unlimited customizable library of paper & synthetic substrates
- Substrate specific values for optimized printing include inking transfer, engine temperature, Infrared preconditioning temperature
- Touch screen interface

DF Pro
- User friendly touch-screen interface (14.5 cm/ 5.7” display)
- Pre-defined formats
- Up to 500 user templates
Electrical PowerMeteor DP8700 XL+
230 V VAC ± 10 % ; 50/60 Hz ±3 %
2 plugs 32A + 4 plugs 16A
For a total of 16kW/64A

DF Pro
100-240V, 50-60Hz (1 phase 8A)
Dimensions & WeightDimensions (L x H x W ): 670 x 182 x 158 cm / 264 x 72 x 62’’
Weight: 1408 kg / 3,104 lbs
Operating EnvironmentMeteor DP8700 XL+
Required temperatures : 15° to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Optimum between : 18° to 23°C (64° to 73°F)
Maximum variation of 10°C (50°F) per hour
Operating Humidity: 30% to 60% RH
Optimal condition: 40%
Noise level: 69dB(A) at 50Hz

DF Pro
Temperature: 10°C to 30°C - optimal 18°C to 25°C
Temperature: 50°F to 86°F - optimal 64°F to 77°F
Relative Humidity level: 30 to 70 % - optimal 40 to 60 % RH
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Product Applications

Banners (XL+ Format)

The Meteor XL+ Format print capabilities (up to 1200 mm / 47 inches in production) open up a whole new range of applications, including banners, calendars, signage and many other "XL+" projects.


Book Covers (XL Format)

(click on the icon to zoom out)

MGI provides a range of printing and value-added finishing options for book covers on a range of substrates, including paper and canvas.


Brochure & tri-fold

Whether it's a simple duplex page or tri-fold (up to 1200 mm/47" long) document, MGI's Digital Presses can produce a wide range of creative and attractive brochures.



Whether it's a simple desktop calendar or an eye-catching 1200 mm / 47" banner, MGI has a solution for every calendar application.



Ideal for art prints or book covers.



Whether you're printing a short run of folders on a 1200 mm / 47 inch sheet or spot UV coating a finished product, MGI has a digital solution for you.



MGI's special silicone free toner and fusing technology will allow you to print laser safe documents, such as letterhead, that will not re-melt during overprinting. Being able to print letterhead digitally instead of running it on an offset press will bring major advantages in terms of costs, plus shorter run options and quick turnarounds.



Print on paper or onto synthetics such as Yupo or polyester for additional durability.



Add a new dimension to your packaging projects with MGI's products & solutions.



MGI's digital printing and finishing solutions offer a wide range of options for custom photo products, such as photobooks. Take an active part in the 25 million of photobooks that will be produced in 2013.


Personalized Direct Mail

Utilize full variable data capabilities on a range of personalized, targeted applications, such as direct mail. Variable information such as text, barcodes, graphics can be customized to each individual member of your audience, resulting in higher response rates and better ROI.


Tri-fold Brochures (XL+ Format)

Thanks to the Meteor XL+ Format, you can now print on sheets up to 1200 mm in length (47 inches). Whether you are printing banners, calendars, panoramic photos or even Tri-fold, Z-fold, or Gatefold brochures, take advantage of the largest cut sheet format available in the digital printing industry.