Chantal, Tony & André Lévy
"Our plan to establish a digital printing took 2 years to materialize . We've tested most of the digital press market, and our customers have even been involved in blind tests to judge the quality. In the end, the quality of MGI's digital presses were unanimous. The Meteor DP60 is the press that the digital record is the closest to the offset." says Andre Levy, President and CEO

Opera Print

Located in the heart of Paris, in the Exchange District, the Opera Print is a family business run by the 3rd generation of printers.

Opera Print realized a turnover of 1.5 million euros and employs 7 staff. Tony Levy , manager of the company, is assisted by his parents Chantal & Andrew . With a strong tradition stemming from the offset, Opera Print specialize into two entities. The Paris site is dedicated to printing / digital finishing, while the offset printing at a separate site near Paris.

" We have received funding and support unconditional CRAMIF, which was immediately seduced by the project to install digital equipment in the heart of Paris, instead of offset printing presses that were generating neighborhood nuisances ."

"In addition, the versatility of digital presses - we have acquired two models Meteor DP60 Pro & Paper DP60 - we can print on paper , plastics and envelope on demand. Finally, the MGI catalog is not limited to printing. We have acquired a complete chain to produce plastic cards, and the only digital spot uv coater on the market - the JETvarnish." says Tony Levy

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