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MGI Digital Technology
4, rue de la Méridienne
94260 Fresnes - FRANCE
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Americas (North, Central & South) - Caribbean - Asia Pacific

3143 Skyway Circle - Melbourne, Florida 32934, USA
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About MGI Group


MGI Headquarter


As a world leader in digital printing and finishing equipment, MGI Digital Technology provides groundbreaking and value-added solutions for the graphic industry.

Founded in 1982, MGI Digital Technology is a public company and listed on the NYSE Alternext Paris as ALMDG.


MGI’s R&D center blends engineering performance in electronics, IT, micro-mechanics, colorimetry, chemistry and inkjet, while keeping current with market demands and trends. With an annual investment of 20% of sales back into R&D, the constant innovation process leads to the rapid integration of new technology in order to provide graphics professionals with unparalleled quality, flexibility and profitability in the evolving graphics market.


Our line of products is backed by reliable and proven technologies designed to meet our customers’ high expectations. We strive to integrate environmentally friendly solutions into our design and manufacturing processes, such as using ozone-free lamps and promoting active recycling programs.


MGI’s digital printing and finishing solutions are placed in a wide range of industries, including commercial printers, plastic card manufacturers, government agencies, packaging firms, in-plant printers, newspaper printers, photo printers/labs and book printers.

As we look forward to the new dawn breaking over the printing industry, MGI's goal remains innovating a product portfolio that remains one step ahead of the curve, all while keeping the same company values that has lead to our success: To remain an environmentally and ethically responsible company, constantly  driven by innovation, and dedicated to providing graphic professionals with cutting edge tools that will help lead the print industry's revolution.


In 2013, MGI have been internationnally awarded with Intertech Technology Award (USA), Oscar de l'Emballage (Packaging industry, France) and CAP'TRONIC (France).


MGI offices:

MGI FRANCE HQ: Headquartered in France, serving European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

MGI USA: Headquartered in Florida, serving North American, South American and Caribbean markets.

MGI ASIA PACIFIC: Headquartered in Singapore, serving the Asia Pacific markets.


Other MGI subsidiaries:

Founded in 2006 following a research project carried out at the CNRS, CERADROP is an innovative French company specializing in the manufacturing of high end inkjet equipment for the Printed Electronics and Smart 3D Printing.
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Located in Villingendorf, this German industrial's role is dedicated to the production of high precision mechanical feeding and transport systems.

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